Welcome to the Timebanking UK Demonstration time bank

This time bank is for anyone who would like to trial our bespoke timebanking software and see how it works for members.

Please do feel free to complete your profile - add a picture and a biography, your activity preferences and complete the joining questions. Test offers and requests by adding your own and responding to others on the site.

Should you wish to see how this works for time bank coordinators, please do contact our team and we can arrange a demonstration for you.

Time Online 2 continues to be developed in line with feedback from our users  - please email tol2@timebanking.org to give your feedback or report any issues that you are having with using this software.
Thank you!

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Picture of the trip to the seaside
.Trip to the Seaside
George and Mildred, members of the time bank, having a well deserved break on a trip to the seaside organised by the Demo time bank
This is a description
.TBUK Conference 2018
Music at our last meeting
Music at our last meeting

There are so many different activities that people and organisations can exchange - individually or in groups

Fundraising Day at the time bank - having fun face painting!

Left: Fundraising Day at the time bank - having fun face painting!

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