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Arts and Crafts
Misc. Arts and Crafts
31/12/2022 1 x 5.00 hrs
"Draw an A3 B&W portrait in dots"
I draw in stipple (dots) using fine point marker pens (please look at Karar Hassan on Facebook *lives in Kingston upon hull* for my standards). I can draw you an A3 (black & white) portrait of yourself or a relative or a pet on paper, for the payment of 5 hours. *Please note it takes at least 20hours to do the drawing* I will post it to you for free in a "do not bend" envelope (postal address must be within UK). You must be able to email me 3 good photos that you accept to be drawn & I will pick & draw the best photo that suits dot drawing. Please note, (due to the 20hours needed to complete 1 drawing) please allow at least 1 week to complete the drawing & then add on the postal delay. You do not need to pay me until you receive the postal envelope.
Classes / Lessons
31/12/2022 1 x 1.00 hrs
"I can help you speak conversational German"
I can help you develop your German by practicing conversations
Arts and Crafts
04/06/2069 1 x 1.00 hrs
"Help with photography"
I need help with photography - I have very shaky hands!
Advice / guidance
Critical friend
31/12/2022 5 x 1.00 hrs
"I am a good listener"
I am a good listener - Face to face or over the pgone - If you have anything you want to talk about, I can be here for you.
DIY / Gardening
Simple DIY
05/04/2063 1 x 170.10 hrs
"Breaking the Warp Barrier"
We have 41 years to beat Zefram Cochrane to breaking the Warp Barrier. We may not have dilithium, but we can do it - together!
Local Timebank Support
Broker Duties
15/11/2022 1 x 1.00 hrs
"TOL2 Training"
Training for Time Online 2